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The Process of Video Production

The process that involves the making of the film or any recorded video work is what is known as video production process. Examples of such can documentaries, films, reality shows, musicals and many more. The video production process needs a lot of time, money and strength. It involves the work of a few professionals working together towards a certain goal. The videos can be recorded based on a script or not but they must have a clear storyline. The video crew are the professionals who take part in the video production process but do not appear in front of the camera. It is only the actors who appear in front of the cameras. Video production process is always done in three stages namely pre production process, production process and lastly post production process.

The pre production process is the first stage of video production. Just as its name suggests, it is the stage that comes before the actual production starts. It ususlly needs a lot of preparations with only the top crew members involves. The top crew members involves in pre production stage are namely producers, set designer, production manager, director, script writer and many others. The kind of work done here is usually looking for the script, finding a producers who will sponsor the project, scouting for the location, conducting a research about the film, casting the actors, building the required set etc. After the pre production stage is done then they will prepare for the production stage using a shooting schedule to be released.

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The second process of video production is the production process. It is at this stage that the video is shot during a certain period of time. It will takes one the hustle of going out to your locations, recording the actors in front of the cameras to help bring the film to life. In some cases for reality shows it involves setting up the camera and leaving it there to record live events. Raw footages is the name used to refer to the recorded videos being that they contain even the unwanted parts. Itisinthis process that the crew and actors are involved and need lots of time. Production process comes to an end when the video shooting is done. They finally get to move to the post production stage.

At the post production process, it is also only the top crew members that are involved. They are the producers, directors and editors. The main people in this process are the editors. They will make a full story from cutting and trimming the raw footages. They will also add sound, lighting and effects to the video.

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