The Advantages of Using Solar Power

Over six million homes in the United States rely on solar energy and these numbers continue to grow. Solar power is the most sufficient and reliable form of renewable energy, which is why homeowners from around the country install solar panels. Installing a solar panel is not only a good economic decision, but it also helps improve the environment by drastically reducing the carbon footprint on our planet. If you’re thinking of using home solar electricity florida is probably the best state you’d want to live in, there’s no sunnier state than The Sun State. In 2006, the government and the state of Florida worked together and provided each resident who installed a solar panel, a rebate or tax credit. Florida continues to embrace solar power; the city of Tampa has some of the largest installations in the state and Florida is ranked ninth in solar power strength by (NREL) National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

Most people will agree that the biggest advantage of using solar power has to do with how it benefits our environment. The majority of power plants use fossil fuels, such as coal, oil or gas and these materials produce carbon dioxide. Scientific studies have proven excess carbon dioxide to be the number one cause of climate change. Nearly sixty-eight percent of our electricity is derived from fossil fuels, when burned; they also emit sulfur dioxide better known as acid rain. Using fossil fuels also creates excess Nitrogen Oxide, which is one of the leading causes of lung damage. Studies have shown that by installing one solar panel per home, will reduce carbon emissions drastically, the same equivalent of saving one hundred trees.

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Nothing will provide you a better feeling of self-sufficiency than using a power source that will never run out or diminish, because the sun isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, it emits more than four million tons of energy per second. Solar energy is a way for you to get off the grid and be totally self-sufficient, allowing you to live independent and free. Solar Systems are very durable and require little maintenance, they’re designed to withstand extreme winds, heavy rain, and hail, and able to tolerate the harshest environments.

Another huge advantage of using solar power is it can save you thousands of dollars. Many families pay between $3,000 and $6,000 annually in electric bills, installing a solar panel practically pays for itself in less than a year. Just think in 4 years’ time, you could potentially save up to $20,000, the saving will add up. In some states installing a solar panel can even make you money, the RPS (Renewable Portfolio Standard) requires that all electricity providers incorporate some of their electricity from solar power and rather than investing in their own solar systems, they’ll invest in your system. Here’s what this means if you happen to be generating more energy than your consuming than you have the option to sell that extra energy back at a premium. Installing a solar panel to your house will also help increase your property’s value, for if you happen to decide on selling your house. The amounts of people who use solar panels in the United States have more than doubled in the past few years and these numbers continue to grow. Solar power has many benefits, it allows you to protect the environment, provides you with financial freedom, and demonstrates your commitment to building a sustainable future.

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