Removing and Preventing Unwanted Pests

Pests come in a variety of species. Many homeowners have regional pests due to their climate zones. People in cold regions will often find ants move indoors during the colder months. These ants are foraging for food and trying to leave a scent trail through your residence for the rest of their nest to follow to and from their colony. People who reside in heavily forested areas or even country zones may experience spiders, ticks and termites. Termites are highly destructive because they will continually breed and chew through the wood structure that is your house. Remediating termites can be a costly and lengthy process. Spiders also enjoy moving indoors during the colder and damp months. During the hot summer months, you may experience an uptick of spider webs on your actual house. These spiders are hoping to catch harmful and obnoxious bugs such as mosquitos and flies. Ticks are equally as alarming because ticks will burrow into your skin or your pets’ skin and some carry Lyme disease. If you live in the city you might have to worry about cockroaches and bed bugs more than other people. Unfortunately, city dwellers often live in row houses, condominiums or apartments. These types of structures all share walls, and this allows for these pests to easily retreat to connected residences during fumigating and remediating processes. You do not need to live in the city to get bed bugs. Unfortunately, bed bugs are extremely prevalent in hotels; if you travel for work you could bring a freeloader home with you.

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Other types of pests that can be damaging are rodents and small animals. It really does not matter where you live; you are susceptible to mice and birds. Unfortunately, in the colder winter month’s birds that do not migrate often stay behind and try to perch on fireplace chimneys or heat stacks. In some cases, birds find themselves trapped in attic spaces. Mice also enter through any cracks in house, doors that are left open and garage doors. A mouse can live in your garage for the entire winter without you even noticing in some cases. When these pests become out of hand you will want to reach out to any pest control service greenville nc

When you reach out to a pest control company they will schedule an appointment to assess the infestation. Minor cases can often be handled on the spot. In some cases, the technician will only have to spray around their perimeter of your home and possibly inside. You can request child and pet safe treatments be used if this is a concern for you. In larger cases a pest may need to be trapped or a house may need extensive treatment. If you have bed bugs, cockroaches or termites your home will most likely need an invasive treatment that may even require tenting to fully remove the infestation. This type of treatment will be diagnosed, discussed and then scheduled for another day.